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Why choose Ramco?

Sustainable, Compliant, Profitable


Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. By finding new homes for surplus goods, we reduce waste, minimise costs and increase productivity.


For us it’s about doing the right thing. Our rigorously managed processes reduce risk, provide greater transparency and ensure you remain compliant.


Every year businesses lose money through inefficient disposal. We help generate a healthy profit for your surplus assets through our various sales routes.

Who We Are

All about Ramco

Founded in 1996, Ramco is one of the UK's largest independent asset management and online auction companies. We're specialists in providing businesses and government departments with a compliant and profitable solution to asset disposal.

Our journey

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What We Do

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Our dedicated team helps generate revenue efficiently and sustainably from your surplus assets. Whether it’s freeing up valuable space or adding to the bottom line, we quickly identify the key drivers and provide low-risk solutions.

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The benefits of asset disposal

What’s in it for you?

Reduce waste

Ensure valuable assets aren’t scrapped whilst maintaining a compliant disposal route.

Financial return

Generate revenue from the sale of surplus goods using a low-risk solution.

Reduce costs

Streamline your operation and save time. Reduce the cost of storage and handling.

Maximising the value of surplus equipment

Our Sales Routes

Our experienced sales team market a vast range of surplus assets to a diverse customer base using a variety of different sales routes, all with the aim of providing the best financial return as quickly as possible. They are on hand to discuss direct sales for specific products and the various types of auction we offer, including timed auctions and on-site auctions, which can be offered in more than 150 countries to over 450,000 potential buyers.

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