Sell used catering equipment and unlock the value of your old assets

Why choose Ramco?

Sustainable, Compliant, Profitable


Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. By finding new homes for surplus goods, we reduce waste, minimise costs and increase productivity.


For us it’s about doing the right thing. Our rigorously managed processes reduce risk, provide greater transparency and ensure you remain compliant.


Every year businesses lose money through inefficient disposal. We help generate a healthy profit for your surplus assets through our various sales routes.

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When it comes to surplus catering equipment, trust the experts.

Catering Equipment Disposal

Ramco has been handling surplus equipment since 1996 and has established a respected presence in the disposals market. We are experienced in site closures, refurbishments and renovations, and have a huge database of customers actively looking for surplus assets.  

We’re confident we can meet the financial, asset management and decommissioning expectations of our clients. Our ability to react quickly when needed is backed up by having substantial storage capacity and a team experienced in providing asset disposal services to the foodservice and hospitality industry. 

Whatever the value or volume of food machinery or catering equipment, you need a method of disposal that’s right for you, including helping to sell used catering equipment. We provide a solution that is reliable and sensitive to your organisation’s needs. 

What separates us from the rest...

Why Choose Ramco?

Not only can we minimise waste by helping you to dispose of your surplus catering equipment, we can also use our established sales routes to ensure your surplus equipment is sold efficiently and effectively. This will streamline your operations, reduce storage requirements and help you to achieve your sustainability targets.  

In addition to years of experience handling the disposal of surplus equipment, we also offer our clients complete peace of mind, as all jobs are treated in accordance with current Environmental and Health & Safety legislation. 

Above all, we offer convenience. Wherever you are and whatever your needs, we will come to you and handle the disposal process from start to finish. 

What’s in it for you?

Reduce waste

Ensure valuable assets aren’t scrapped whilst maintaining a compliant disposal route.

Financial return

Generate revenue from the sale of surplus goods using a low-risk solution.

Reduce costs

Streamline your operation and save time. Reduce the cost of storage and handling.

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How it works...

The Ramco Asset Disposals process

We start by getting a good understanding of your needs, whether it’s a strategic sustainability initiative, storage requirements or the need for a quick cash injection. 

Next, we agree the best way to achieve these goals. It could be via outright purchase, on-site auction or direct sale. We work with you to find the best solution for your needs.  

Pictures, inventory lists or an onsite visit will help our experienced appraisers to value your items. We then process and catalogue the goods, creating detailed descriptions and photography to amplify interest across an extensive range of buyers. Targeted content and promotions ensure your assets are seen by buyers with a genuine interest, maximising the return.