Liquidation and insolvency

Sell liquidated commercial assets quickly with Ramco, and maximise the financial return.

Experience and expertise

Ramco is a reputable and established online auction house with nearly 30 years' experience helping businesses and public sector organisations, including the MoD and National Highways, resell their surplus equipment. 

From vehicles, machinery, and surplus inventory to catering and gym equipment, we’re experienced in handling a range of assets. 

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Maximum returns and prompt payment

Our sales database reaches thousands of used equipment buyers worldwide. With the second-hand market currently thriving, you'll receive a fast financial return from the proceeds of sale.

A seamless service

Whether we’re collecting equipment or cataloguing an auction on-site, we handle the process from start to finish, taking away the headache of turning assets into cash.

About Ramco

Founded in 1996, we help businesses and public sector departments make more of the equipment they no longer need. We’ve handled millions of assets over the years, finding new homes for surplus assets.

We work with government departments, emergency services and organisations from a variety of commercial and corporate sectors. We extend the lifecycle of business assets, promoting reuse and playing our part in the circular economy.

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Ramco can help you quickly liquidate assets, and maximise the financial return.