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From military equipment, machinery or vehicles to gym equipment and commercial catering equipment, Ramco sells a diverse range of surplus goods through various sales platforms. 

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£35,000.00 + VAT

Expert fully automated Mask Making Machine including an Ilapak Smart flow wrapping packaging machine

The machine can produce covering type I, II, IIR or similar providing that the appropriate materials for the degree of protection required are used.

Mask size is 175 x 95mm (adult) with nose bridge line built in.

The masks are then provided in stacks of 5 or 10.

The machine can produce 80 to 100 pieces per minute depending on the variety of raw materials.  The output per week based on one machine with a cycle of 80 pieces per minute (and with a machine efficiency of 80%) will be:

  • 80 x 0.85 = 68 / minute
  • 60 minutes x 24 hours x 7 days = 10,080 minutes
  • 68 x 10,080 = 685,440 masks per machine per week

The complete system is CE marked by the manufacturer in line with current EC regulations.

Please see link for further detailed information: 


Technical spec for the Ilapak machine can be found here 


Both pieces of equipment have been used for a short period of time prior to being professionally decommissioned and then stored.  It has not been tested by Ramco prior to sale so is sold as seen.

Expert Fully Automated Mask Making machine including Ilapak Smart flow wrapping packaging machine

£ 35,000.00 + VAT

Expert fully automated Mask Making Machine

Including an Ilapak Smart flow wrapping packaging machine

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£ 7,500.00 + VAT

DCR MMM150 full PPE mask-making production line

The production line is capable of producing Type IIR flat ear loop disposable medical face masks which meet the BS EN 14683:2019 or equivalent standard.

The production line is semi-automatic and consists of the following components:

  • 1 x DCR MMM150 Mask Production machine
  • 1 x W120 Programmable Ear Loop Cutter
  • 1 x FJ-350 Packaging Line
  • 12 x DG-310 Ear Loop Welding Machines
  • 2 x UVC-1014WAD Mask Sanitising Machines

Total output specification of 140 pcs/min.

For further specification and technical details please use the following link: https://bit.ly/3avHx9Q

To see the production line in action please see the following link(s): https://youtu.be/iik7ELz0P3E

Instruction manuals can be provided for each component.

The components have been checked by the original manufacturer DCR Machines who confirm they are in working order.  DCR Machines are also able to offer their ongoing services in regards to installation, training and service (this would be a seperate charge exclusive to the auction purchase).  If interested please let us know and we can put you in touch with them.

Available for UK sale or Export (would require a 40ft shipping container due to the number of individual components).

Any enquiries to be directed to Elliott Griffen (Sales Manager) on 01754 880880.

DCR Mask Making machine

£ 7,500.00 + VAT

DCR MMM150 full PPE mask-making production line

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£ 11,000.00 + VAT

CAT Generator Model No. 350 - Multiple units available - Varying hours

  • Generator Model: 350
  • Engine Model: 3406
  • Engine Serial Number: 1DZ17312
  • Date of manufacture: 2007
  • Engine Hours: 25497
  • Alternator Number: CAT00000L9ES06832
  • Rating: 350Kva / 256Kw
  • Voltage: 415 / 240 Volts
  • Generator MWh: 2135



  • Electrical panel looks complete with no missing parts
  • Governor actuator was missing but has been replaced
  • Woodward controls seem ok – showing hours etc
  • Engine runs off main control panel and Woodward governor system works perfectly
  • Missing 2 x main batteries and the battery link
  • The alternator internal condition is duty
  • Voltage running 237 volts phase to neutral
  • Engine condition - the exhaust pipe is broken, water has been drained and refilled with water Antifreeze -13. The fuel line seal needs repair, sucking air into the fuel system. The filter bowl bottom is broken. Overall the engine runs well
  • All the locks to the canopy have been unseized and are working fine, the insulation foam inside requires replacing in areas but this does not affect the functionality. The inside has been cleaned of any heavy dust
in stock CAT Generator

£ 11,000.00 + VAT

CAT Generator Model No. 350 - Multiple units available - Varying hours

320Kva - 256 Kw Rating

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£ 34,995.00 + VAT

Ex-MoD Pacific 22 RHIB

A fantastic example of the world-renowned Halmatic Pacific 22 Military Spec RHIB. Powered by a Yanmar Turbo Diesel with very low hours, through a Hamilton Waterjet. Famous for their strength, build quality, and seakeeping, they are in a different league to other boats of this size and designed to withstand whatever the world's military can throw at them. The hull and tubes are unmarked and in excellent condition. She has just emerged from our workshop after undergoing a thorough refurbishment and performed extremely well during testing.

  • 8 man capacity (including 2 crew)
  • Fully refurbished
  • Endurance of 4.5 hours with optimal conditions and a full load
  • Designed to operate in coastal waters and the open sea at all times of the year
  • Rigid hull moulded in accordance with Lloyds Rules
  • 150-litres fuel capacity
  • This FOPV is capable of achieving a maximum of approximately 32 knots under optimum sea conditions and with a full load
  • Trailers also available for purchase
in stock rhib

£ 34,995.00 + VAT

Ex-MoD Pacific 22 RHIB

Pacific 22 Rigid Hulled Inflatable Boat

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£ POA 

Rohde and Schwarz Digital Television Transmission System x 6

A unique opportunity has arisen to acquire a range of Rohde & Schwarz Digital Television Transmitters designed to a high specification and maintained in excellent condition. They are offered for sale by private treaty through Ramco [UK] Limited, a specialist asset disposal business.

The equipment is ideally suited for a number of uses, including:

  • Standby TX capability, easily transported to deal with TX outage
  • Temporary TX facilities during a re-engineering project
  • Individual stand-alone transmitters (would require removal from containers)
  • High-quality spares

History and Background
In December 2009 the United Kingdom became the first nation in the world to use the new DVB-T2 standard to broadcast a free-to-air, high-definition (HD) terrestrial digital television service.

The terrestrial transmitter network used to broadcast the new service, Freeview HD, is owned and operated by Arqiva, the communications infrastructure and media services company.

Rohde & Schwarz and NEC were commissioned to provide DVB-T2 technology for part of the new network. Utilizing world-class technological expertise and resources in the field of broadcasting, a standby transmission network was developed enabling a DVB-T2 solution to be provided during the switchover period.

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in stock Digital Transmitters


Rohde and Schwarz Digital Television Transmission Systems

6 x containerised digital television transmission systems

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£ 200.00 + VAT

Lifesaver Jerry Can 20000

Direct from the UK Ministry of Defence
The Big Brother of the Lifesaver Bottle.  The lifesaver jerrycan produces clean good tasting water.  It has a capacity of 18.5 litres and the ability to filter out all particles over 0.015 microns so you can be sure it will remove all bacteria, viruses, cysts, parasites, fungi, and other microbiological water waterborne organisms.
You can fill the jerrycan with dirty water, take it back to wherever you are located and then use water as needed.  It provides water storage and filtration in one product.
The perfect piece of survival kit.
Comes as pictured.
The Lifesaver Jerrycans 20000 are direct from the UK MOD.  They have been in storage (so there may be marks/light damage to the outer packaging) but are unused and still sealed in the box.
Our Ref: 2215687
in stock Lifesaver Jerry Can

£ 200.00 + VAT

Lifesaver Jerry Can 20000

Direct from the UK MoD

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£ 100.00

Jerry Cans 

A pallet of 20ltr ex-MoD Jerry Cans - Quantity 30 - Please contact us for shipping quote

  • Colour - Olive Green
  • Litre Capacity - 20 Ltr
  • Pack size - 30 per pallet
  • Product Depth - 70mm
  • Product Height - 460mm
  • Product Width - 340mm
in stock Jerry Cans x 5

£ 100.00 + VAT

Jerry Cans

A pallet of 20ltr ex-MoD Jerry Cans - Quantity 30

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