The UK’s Wasted Opportunity: Assess Your Assets

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For more than 26 years, we’ve been finding new homes for unwanted business equipment – everything from commercial kitchens, vehicles and boats to plant, electrical tools and machinery. Our service helps organisations reduce their carbon footprint, contribute to the circular economy and generate vital funds to be reinvested.

Now with our new research revealing UK businesses have almost £59 billion worth of working assets and equipment they no longer need, we’re urging organisations to assess their assets and unlock the value in their idle items.

Across the UK, millions of good assets are sitting idle each day. With advances in technology bringing new efficiencies, businesses are regularly upgrading their equipment but often don’t see the value in their old kit, or just don’t know what to do with it. That’s where we come in.
Our data shows 67% of businesses admit to having good quality, working equipment they no longer need. On average, this amounts to an incredible £10,000 worth of assets sitting idle per business which shows a huge, wasted opportunity.
With the cost of doing business increasing - alongside rising costs for new materials and supply chain challenges - now is the time for organisations to assess their surplus assets, free up storage space and give new life to items they no longer need.
Here at Ramco, we’ve seen a huge increase in the number of buyers registering for our auctions in recent years - a 200% uplift on the pre-pandemic figures – so we know demand to buy second-hand equipment is there, making it a great time for businesses to sell their unwanted equipment and respond to the market.
We’re urging organisations up and down the country to assess their assets and unlock the value in their unwanted items by letting us find new homes for your old stuff.
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