Woodworking equipment "saws" to second-life

Magnox has collaborated with circular economy and reuse specialists Ramco to unlock the value in unwanted woodworking equipment, including saws, planers, grinders, and combi and mortise machines.

Eager to extend the equipment's lifecycle and ensure the items were given a new home instead of being scrapped or sent to landfill, Magnox approached Ramco in November 2022, seeking help with finding a suitable buyer, as well as managing the resale process.

After conducting an initial site visit to assess the assets, agree on the logistics and advise the best route to market, Ramco then collected the items. The equipment was transported back to Ramco's reuse facility in Skegness, where the items were prepared for onward sale.

The equipment was listed for auction and targeted to buyers interested in surplus woodworking machinery. The items were sold to customers across the UK, generating a return for Magnox that was 400% more than the client expected - a pretty astounding result!

Ensuring their surplus woodworking equipment is reused helped Magnox to minimise its waste, reduce overheads, and contribute to the circular economy. 

Andy Smart - Magnox (2)-1