We've teamed up with the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort!

Marking the biggest partnership within the Leisure and Entertainment industry in our 23-year history, this new relationship with LEGOLAND Windsor will see everything from catering equipment and gardening tools, to electrical equipment and furniture, removed from the resort and prepared for onward sale at Ramco’s online auction house.

Last week, more than 150 unused items were collected by our team, filling three HGV trailers and six large vans. With items being sold via auction, Ramco and LEGOLAND Windsor are able to implement a sustainable asset reuse procedure, extending the product lifecycle of resources and ensuring that they are not unnecessarily scrapped or sent to landfill. 

Kieran O’Connor, Senior Sustainability Manager at the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort said, “At LEGOLAND Windsor we are committed to doing everything we can to run our theme park and hotels in the most sustainable way possible, which we know is as important to our guests as it is to us. This new relationship with Ramco will allow items that we no longer need as a business to be reused by others. We’re proud to be the first Merlin attraction to be working with Ramco and we are now looking at how that this initiative can be rolled out across the Group”

Teddy Townsend, BD Manager at Ramco, commented, "Working closely with the LEGOLAND Windsor team, we have been able to support their sustainability ambitions towards re-use.

Through our compliant and sustainable reuse service, surplus equipment is efficiently and effectively resold, helping to extend the product lifecycle of resources.

We're delighted to be working with LEGOLAND Windsor, our first major partnership with a multi-chain operator in the Leisure and Entertainment Industry. I'm looking forward to building on this relationship and supporting this initiative across the Group."

Are you wondering how your business could benefit from a sustainable and compliant asset reuse service?

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