Removing assets from a nuclear power plant with care and skill

Ramco has been helping organisations find new homes for their surplus assets for over 26 years. Working across a range of sectors, including emergency services, leisure, and entertainment, we understand the unique requirements needed to achieve our clients’ goals.

Our experience and expertise are never more important than when working with clients from the nuclear industry. Meticulous and highly-skilled, our team in this area of our work is led by our head of operations, Adrian Foreman.

It’s fascinating working with businesses specialising in nuclear power, whether it’s for decommissioning purposes or assisting a fully operational plant.

We’ve worked with some of the most recognisable names in the industry, like Magnox and Dounreay. It’s incredibly rewarding helping organisations achieve their sustainability goals by finding new homes for their often unique equipment.

Our team is always intrigued and enthusiastic about the specialist assets we collect. Some of our favourites include a nuclear reactor control panel, a highly sought-after Land Rover Defender and a BROKK demolition machine! No matter the item, we always find it a home.

How do we do it? 

Firstly, we get to know your needs.

In addition to powering the circular economy and helping organisations improve sustainability, our work also ensures our clients are able to profit financially from their unwanted goods, as well as free up valuable storage space.

Once we’ve worked with you to understand your aims, we’ll agree on the best route to achieving them and start the valuation of your assets.

When working with nuclear sites, compliance and safety are key. We have a network of specialist partners who we work closely with to ensure assets are free from contamination. We follow strict health and safety regulations; this includes using specialist equipment and clothing. We also have the capacity to perform all processes in a secure area of our site.

Powering the circular economy and unlocking capital in your assets

When it comes to selling your assets, we take care of everything.

We process and catalogue every item, creating detailed descriptions and arranging photography. We use a range of marketing channels to amplify our reach across our huge database of buyers. Our expertise not only enables us to find a home for even the most unique items but add value to our clients’ surplus assets.

Find out more

Get in touch with our expert team and discover the value in your surplus assets. We’ll guide you through the process, taking care of everything to ensure we find the best financial return as quickly as possible and give life to your unwanted goods.

You can reach our team by emailing or calling us on 01754 882212.