Ramco's brief relief for Canadian troops!

Since 1997 Ramco has handled a multitude of diverse products but perhaps none more unusual than the disposal of over 125,000 “Brief Relief” bags! Unused of course! In January 2015 Ramco received over 50 pallets of stock from UK MoD resulting in excess of 125,000 individual “Brief Relief” bags. Although not particularly popular a reasonable number were sold using the various routes to market that Ramco employ such as eBay; Amazon; Bidspotter etc.

They were spotted on www.ramco.co.uk by The Potti Corporation of Calgary, Canada and following negotiations in February 2016 a sale was agreed for the remaining 24 pallets. The consignment was loaded and shipped to Canada, where it will be repackaged and provided in support of Canadian Troops. “It is great to have found a customer half way around the world for such an usual product” commented Ramco’s sales manager Elliott Griffen “obviously we had to be quite strict about the returns policy”!