Ramco partners with Aston University on research project

As operators adjust to the new out-of-home landscape, Ramco Food Services is taking steps to better understand the demand for the disposal of surplus catering equipment, which is likely to grow in the wake of the pandemic, through engaging in a UK focussed research project.

Ramco has partnered with Aston University’s ERDF funded UK-Centric Supply Chains Project which provides companies, within the manufacturing, engineering and food sectors, with holistic analysis of their supply chains in order to achieve key business objectives.  

The findings will help Ramco better understand the market demand for the disposal of surplus catering equipment, where the equipment is located and how Ramco can help businesses with their surplus catering equipment needs.

Whilst sustainability may have taken a back seat during the coronavirus crisis, it remains an important long-term issue and this information will be crucial in helping divert as much unwanted equipment as possible from landfill.

Paul Fieldhouse, who leads Ramco Food Services business development, said: "Working with the Aston University team gives Ramco additional bandwidth. They are helping us to really fathom where and how we can locate surplus equipment in a very fragmented foodservice supply chain. We're looking forward to seeing how we can use this research to better understand the market and the driving forces behind the demand for sustainable and compliant equipment disposal solutions."

Dr Chris Owen, Deputy Head of Operations and Information Management Department, Aston University said: “Aston University’s UK-centric Supply Chain Project has significant expertise in this area and is pleased to support Ramco in its mission for greater understanding of the surplus catering equipment landscape. It is great to see companies utilising the knowledge that our teams have to create more sustainable and efficient business opportunities.”

Following this initial research - which focuses on market size, structure and key targets - interviews with businesses and media will take place to establish how companies dispose of surplus assets and the importance of sustainability in the catering equipment industry.

It’s hoped the project will be complete by the end of November and the results will be made available on the Ramco site as a white paper shortly after.