Over 40,000 MoD Jerry Cans? Ramco 'can'

In January 2021, Ramco were enlisted to help the MoD’s Defence Equipment Sales Authority to resell and recycle over 40,000 jerry cans from their West Moors Fuel Depot near Bournemouth. The condition of the jerry cans varied tremendously but using an expert eye Ramco carefully selected any jerrycans that were suitable for resale, arranging for the remainder to be sustainably disposed of at a nearby metal recycling facility.

The vast 188-hectare site, which at one time stored more than 130,000 jerry cans alone, has been the MoD’s main storage facility for petrol, oil and lubricants for all three branches of the armed forces for the last 90 years.

“Our knowledge of the market-place and sales experience meant we could quickly provide a disposal solution that both mitigated some of the disposal cost and generated some revenue”. Adrian Foreman – Head of Operations – Ramco (UK) Limited

Nearly 2,000 jerry cans are currently being prepared for sale. Once ready, targeted marketing will be utilised to drive awareness amongst prospective buyers, including those specifically interested in surplus military equipment.

Ian Beattie, Deputy Petroleum Depot Manager at the West Moors facility, commented:

“I am very pleased with the service Ramco has provided. They operated safely and efficiently throughout the process, with a total of 28 loads of jerry cans being quickly removed from the West Moors Petroleum Depot within a few days. We are very happy to hear that the jerry cans that are still in good condition will be reused in a new and productive home”.

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