Our mission to stop valuable assets sitting idle

Ramco has been helping businesses and government departments find value in their unwanted assets for 25 years. From vehicles, communication systems, catering equipment and all kinds of plant machinery, we’ve pretty much seen it all.

There’s nothing we love more than turning surplus equipment into someone else’s new treasure. It’s better for the environment, saves on storage costs and generates a financial return for businesses.

With organisations across the country looking for ways to respond to the climate crisis and play their part through recycling and reuse, our Business Development Manager, Teddy Townsend, explains why now is the time to think about your surplus assets and how to make use of them.

So, what are surplus assets?

In short, they’re items that are gathering dust and sitting idle. Most offices, warehouses, sites or stores will hold surplus assets like machinery, vehicles or tools that are no longer needed.

Some businesses see these items as waste and make a rash decision to send them to scrap without realising their hidden value. This leads to inefficient and unsustainable disposal, unnecessary costs, and lost income.

Where do these items come from?

Surplus assets pile up due to all sorts of reasons. Changes to a manufacturing process could lead to new equipment being brought in to replace older items, an office refurb, a commercial kitchen upgrade, or a company rebrand for example.

Items might then be stored away for a rainy day if the business isn’t sure what to do with them, or worse, earmarked for scrap. Gulp.

How can Ramco help?

At Ramco, we’re urging more businesses to change the way they think about (and handle) their surplus assets to stop them sitting idle or being scrapped. Instead, consider giving them a new lease of life, and think of Ramco!

We plug your unwanted items into the circular economy by finding new homes for them - helping you reduce waste, benefit from a financial return, and minimise those pesky storage costs.

What do we do?

Well, we provide a complete asset reuse solution. We handle everything from decommissioning, collection and refurbishment, right through to storage, marketing and sales.

Our expert team will guide you through the process, seamlessly taking care of everything to ensure we find the best financial return as quickly as possible for you.

Ready to find out more?

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