On the road to a new lease of life

As circular economy specialists, Ramco’s team is as enthusiastic about extending the life of unwanted assets at home as they are at work.

In 2021, Adrian Foreman, Head of Operations at Ramco, acquired an unroadworthy Renault Passenger van from one of our auctions. He made it his personal mission to convert the van into the perfect touring campervan, ready for his travels across the UK and beyond.

The conversion is now complete with bespoke new features installed, making it perfect for Adrian and his family’s travels. The campervan now has running water, a gas stove and even an emergency loo. It’s also been well insulated using recycled plastic.

Adrian said: “When starting this conversion, I wanted to make use of every inch of space and be as inventive and resource efficient as possible. There were ready-made kits online, but I mostly used converted household furniture or built my own.

“I spotted the van during a site visit and thought it had potential. I was looking for a project to keep me busy during the winter months and this fitted the bill perfectly, so I made my bid! It was a lot of cold weekends and hard work, but great to put my experience in construction, electrics, and engineering to good use.

“I’ve gained a lot of satisfaction from the project and it’s rewarding to look at the van and know I’ve given it a new lease of life rather than it ending up on a scrap heap. It’s given me much more pleasure than buying a new one and I’m looking forward to many years of enjoyment before passing it over to someone else”.

Ades van before montage

ades van after montage