Lights, camera, auction!

Ramco has recently completed a major auction of film and TV production equipment on behalf of Elstree Light and Power, the UK’s leading provider of lighting and production support services based in the impressive hangar at Cardington airfield. Equipment ranged from large lorry mounted super silent generators and complete outdoor event stages to lighting control units and light bulbs! A formal proposal was provided to ELP outlining the key objectives and anticipated timescales. Due to filming commitments within the hangar a tight deadline was imposed meaning Ramco had a small window of opportunity to undertake the sale and clear the site.

Ramco’s support team were soon on site working alongside ELP’s own staff to begin the layout and lot up process. Within three weeks of arriving on site over 4,000 lots had been placed online and nearly 1,000 bidders registered to bid! The mega sale concluded successfully with over 90% of lots achieving their agreed reserve price, and over 3,500 pallet loads of equipment being uplifted and removed from site over a 10 day period.