How Ramco helped Magnox Ltd to reach a nuclear decommissioning milestone

The decommissioning of nuclear power plants across the UK is a complex, protracted process and an integral step in the nation’s ongoing nuclear strategy. One of the UK’s leading nuclear decommissioning organisations, Magnox Ltd, currently manage a portfolio of twelve inactive and incredibly vast nuclear power sites; each of which possess considerable infrastructure and complex requirements. Adopting rigorous individual project management plans, Magnox Ltd oversee the huge task of thoroughly decommissioning the facilities in a cost-effective, efficient and safe manner.

The 24-acre Bradwell facility, commissioned in 1962 and one of the UK’s earliest nuclear power stations, became the first nuclear power station in the country to enter the care and maintenance phase in August 2019. In order to achieve this, the site had to remove large volumes of redundant equipment efficiently with optimal value and as little environmental damage as possible.

Ramco Ltd was selected as a chosen supplier of asset disposal services for the Magnox nuclear power sites across the UK. In the summer of 2018, Ramco commenced work at the Bradwell site, initially removing and transporting a ‘backhoe’ loader and road sweeper back to the Ramco facility; followed by Ramco continually returning to collect large volumes of miscellaneous equipment amounting to over 2700 cubic meters and 61 loads. With assets efficiently and effectively turned over, Magnox were able to meet the requirements of care and maintenance status and ensure that decommissioning of the site was completed on schedule.

In September of 2019, Ramco then arranged the removal, on-site auction and resale of various industrial assets from the Magnox Chapelcross site in Scotland. Assets including diesel generators & compressors, office cabins, lighting towers and concrete barriers were swiftly resold and reutilised. Combined with the environmental and operational benefits, Magnox Ltd also received a financial return from the sale of the surplus goods too, helping to keep decommissioning expenditure to a minimum.

Speaking of Magnox’s partnership with Ramco Ltd, Louise Dyche, Asset Disposals Manager at Magnox Ltd, said:

As a Company we have been looking for a solution to our Asset Disposal requirements for a number of years and have been in contact with various Companies in search of a ‘one stop shop’ for all of our disposal requirements.

When we contacted you and discussed our requirements you were very open and informative about your offer and discussed alternative options for our disposal needs. You also made us think differently about our assets, what use they have and who may be interested in them.

The trial was a great success and the varying items we sent amazingly you were able to sell; helping us to meet our Clients expectations. Thanks to your expertise, support and commitment, you enabled us to achieve a major programme milestone in our lifecycle for the Bradwell site to enter into Care & Maintenance, the first of the Magnox Fleet to do so.

To find out more about Ramco’s asset disposal solutions, please speak to a member of the team on 01754 880880.