Go Circular this World Environment Day

Today marks World Environment Day, a day celebrated by millions across the globe and a timely reminder for us all to protect the world we live in.

The key part of this: Adopting sustainable business practices.

Understanding that businesses need to act more responsibly is one thing - but you might ask yourself, “Where do we start?”. An important step in the process of becoming more environmentally conscious is shifting to a circular economy approach. That means leaving behind the days of linear consumption and ‘single-used’ and instead starting to use already existing resources and products, preventing items being unnecessarily scrapped.

By following a circular economy approach and embedding it into every aspect of an organisation’s culture, we can work towards reducing carbon emissions and keeping global temperatures below the 1.5 degrees limit. Now is the perfect time for businesses to act responsibly, before legislation forces their hand, reuse expert and auction house Ramco is here to help drive this change.

Ramco – encouraging businesses to adopt a circular economy approach

With more than 26 years of experience working with organisations across all sectors, from the Ministry of Defence, to Legoland and National Highways, Ramco knows how to find new homes for unwanted assets, extending product lifecycles and contributing to the circular economy.

But what’s in it for the business? Aside from doing your part to protect the environment and reduce your carbon footprint, using Ramco’s services helps you to free up storage space and generate a financial return.

Discover the benefits of using Ramco’s service

Ramco’s value finder tool gives an overview of the diverse range of assets the auction house has found a new owner for in the past - from catering equipment to a fire engine and an Excavator. It also shows the financial return that was generated, and the carbon emissions that were saved by giving these assets a second lease of life.

Speaking of financial return – Ramco’s research revealed there’s £59 billion worth of perfectly good equipment sitting idle in organisations across the UK. That’s an average of around £10,000 per organisation!

Do you have items sitting idle? Start adopting a circular economy approach, for the environment and your business, and contact the Ramco team here to start a conversation about finding value in your surplus assets.