Standby! Generators exert their resale power!

A consignment of 25 battle-weary MoD generators are the latest assets to arrive at Ramco’s refurbishment workshop. The condition of each generator varied immensely, so we pulled out all the refurbishment stops to enhance the value and intensify interest from prospective buyers. The generators were thoroughly cleaned inside and out before Ramco's engineer undertook a rigorous testing and refurbishment process, restoring them to an operational condition, all at no cost to the client!

To date, Ramco has completed work on 12 of the 25 generators, with the remainder being tested and resold gradually throughout the rest of the year. Ramco's systematic and determined approach towards adding value has enabled us to improve the resale price of each unit by around 75%.

“Our expertise in the restoring and reselling of surplus equipment meant we could significantly enhance the resale value of the assets and generate a healthy return for our client".

Adrian Foreman – Head of Operations – Ramco (UK) Limited

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