Case Study

Multitone realise the benefits of managed asset disposal

Working with international critical communications leader Multitone, Ramco has helped to transform what was previously a costly WEEE procedure into a profitable and simple disposal solution.

Founded in 1931, Multitone are a life critical communications and infrastructure deployment expert specialising in the delivery and implementation of bespoke messaging and communication equipment for the emergency services and care sectors.

Operating within an industry where use of the latest telecommunications equipment is a critical element of providing patients with the highest level of care, the process of regularly replacing and updating their client’s communication systems leaves Multitone with considerable stock of returned, redundant assets.

In the past, Multitone would manually break down and categorise the equipment for disposal in what was a labour intensive and costly procedure. Therefore, driven by the opportunity to dispose of their goods in a more eco-friendly and hassle-free way, Multitone quickly realised the potential for allowing the returned equipment to be repurposed, reused and resold through Ramco, instead of paying for it to be scrapped.

Teddy Townsend, Business Development Manager at Ramco said: “Working closely with Multitone, we have been able to help them establish a reliable process for the disposal of unwanted goods.

End of use does not necessarily mean end of life, so it’s great that we can work together to prevent Multitone’s equipment from being discarded as scrap, ensuring it retains its value and promotes a circular economy”.

Since the partnership with Ramco began, Multitone have been able to quickly discard of over 25 pieces of equipment including laptops, desktop pc’s, compressors, desk phones, signal generators and cabling, with all assets sold through Ramco’s online auctions. Combined with the operational benefits, such as reduced waste and more efficient procedures, Multitone also received a share of the income generated from the sale of their equipment.

Ed Paterson, CEO of Multitone said: “We hadn’t realised that a service like Ramco’s exists, so we’d been manually breaking down disused electrical equipment and paying a fee for this to be scrapped.

Working with Ramco, who manage the full disposals process, we’ve been able to implement a more efficient, sustainable and reliable solution. We are extremely pleased with the service provided and will definitely be in touch again soon.”

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