Magnox Case Study

Sustainable nuclear decommissioning – setting the standard

Magnox is leading the nuclear decommissioning of 12 nuclear sites in the UK and is responsible for their safe and secure clean-up. They oversee the task of thoroughly cleaning up the facilities in a cost-effective, efficient, and sustainable way, with a primary goal to protect people and the environment.

With site closures resulting in more redundant equipment sitting idle, Magnox asked Ramco to help give their assets a new lease of life. Our role was to minimise waste going to landfill and support their vision of becoming world leaders in sustainable nuclear decommissioning – all whilst working carefully and efficiently in sensitive environments.

Unwanted assets given new lease of life

Our work with Magnox began by removing a range of equipment from their Bradwell site, including a backhoe loader and road sweeper. After being given the once over by our refurbishment team it was resold through our online auctions to customers who were able to give it a new lease of life.

We then returned to collect a whopping 2,700 cubic metres of assorted equipment – 61 lorry loads no less - and are proud to have prevented hundreds of tonnes of assets from being unnecessarily scrapped or sent to landfill.

Our relationship with Magnox has since grown to cover the length and breadth of the UK, ensuring many more items can be reused - like a highly sought-after Land Rover Defender, a nuclear reactor control panel (cool, right?), a beastly BROKK demolition machine and over 120 tonnes of scaffolding equipment – equivalent to the length of 267 football pitches!

A whole host of benefits

Our approach to finding value in surplus assets has supported Magnox to implement a seamless and sustainable process for reusing their equipment.

As well as the environmental and operational benefits, our relationship has enabled Magnox to generate a financial return from the sale of its surplus assets that can be reinvested within the organisation or used to support local services.

Louise Dyche, Asset Disposal Manager at Magnox, commented: “We’re committed to doing everything we can to protect people and the environment and working with Ramco is a fundamental part of that.

“Their team of experts helped us rethink our approach to waste and reuse and enabled us to find value in unwanted assets that would have otherwise been scrapped or sent to landfill. Together we’ve reduced waste and our impact on the environment, saved on storage costs and generated a welcome financial return – it’s a winning partnership.”

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