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Covid-compliant equipment disposal delivers financial rewards


When it transformed the kitchen at University Hospital Lewisham into a state-of-the-art training academy, ISS Healthcare was left with a surplus suite of catering equipment. Our disposal and resale specialists were approached for a covid-compliant disposal solution.

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When foodservice and catering specialist ISS Healthcare won the contract with University Hospital in 2019, the first step in reshaping its patient and retail catering offering was to remove the suddenly redundant, yet fully operational, kitchen to transform it into a state-of-the-art training academy.

An extensive range of large, multi-purpose catering equipment needed to be removed, including combi ovens, deep fat fryers, salamanders, bratt pans, numerous double sink units, pot wash machines and a full-length flight dishwasher.

With the deadline of May 2020 fast approaching, ISS selected Ramco as its chosen supplier of asset disposal solutions for all the unwanted equipment within the facility. Having worked with Ramco previously, ISS was familiar with the hassle-free, flexible solutions and expertise in sustainable and profitable asset disposal.

On commencement of the project, Ramco efficiently arranged all matters relating to the logistics, removal and collection of the goods. In addition to the challenge of a tight timeframe, the team also had to ensure COVID-19 safety measure were in place.

Following a thorough risk assessment, all Ramco staff were provided with medical thermometers and asked to carry out their own personal health assessments on a daily basis. This reduced the risk of transmission to other members of the team and clients.

Once onsite, the team practiced social distancing and wore disposable PPE in the form of facemasks, gloves, goggles and aprons. They also carried high-strength sanitiser sprays which were applied liberally to any item awaiting collection. The same process was employed once back at the Ramco site as the assets were unloaded. All items were then left in quarantine for 48 hours before processing.

The result

All the surplus catering equipment collected from the facility was sold through one of Ramco’s dedicated catering auctions, preventing the equipment from unnecessarily going to landfill, which is all too often the case within the foodservice industry.

Combined with a significant financial return to offset some of the overall project cost, ISS was also able to reduce waste, significantly improve its environmental credentials and ultimately create a more sustainable operation.

Darran Swales, ISS project manager, commented: “We had previously used Ramco to dispose of surplus cleaning equipment, so I knew their capability. The communication, process and collection all went smoothly, with a better than anticipated financial return. We will certainly use Ramco on other projects.”

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