Masa Case Study

Lighting up the world


For over 27 years, we’ve been helping businesses and organisations find new homes for surplus assets. Our work has not only seen us collect items in towns and cities across the UK but also sell them on to buyers across the world.


We’ve sold everything from landing craft to buyers in Canada and Membrane Bio Reactor Containers to customers in Fiji. It means that our mission to breathe new life into unwanted equipment has been far reaching and seen not just companies, but individuals play their part in the circular economy.


In 2021, we were able to add Japan to our long list of global buyers, when Masa, placed a bid at one of our auctions.


The company were hoping to find an auction house that sold Vapalux, a brand of kerosene lamps, which are manufactured in the UK. They soon came across one of our auctions and were thrilled to discover we had exactly what they were looking for!


We came into possession of these specific lamps through the Ministry of Defence (MoD), who likely used them for lighting when out in the field. And it’s thanks to our longstanding partnership with this particular government department, that we’ve been able to source so many Vapalux lamps, 50 of which have been purchased by Masa.


A new lease of life in Japan


After being sold, the lamps were carefully taken apart and packaged before being shipped. They then arrived in Japan two to three days later. Masa put the lamps together again and ensured they were in top notch condition before selling them on to buyers across the country. 

Whilst predominantly used for camping, kerosene lamps can also be seen adorning the outside of properties across the country. During the Covid-19 pandemic they became more popular due to people wanting to spend more time in large open spaces.


However, these lanterns are also sought after by a great number of enthusiasts, who admire and appreciate the nostalgic look and feel they provide.


Founder of Masa, Masahiko Sato said: “The frequency in which we’re able to buy the lamps from Ramco combined with their attractive prices are just some of the reasons why we keep coming back.


“We’re really happy with the quality of the lamps and how smooth the process is once we’ve bought the lot to the moment they arrive in Japan.”


A circular economy in action


Speaking on Masa’s acquisition of the lamps, Ramco’s Head of Operations, Adrian Foreman said: “It’s wonderful to hear more about what Masa do with the MoD lamps once they arrive in Japan from Ramco HQ.


“Our whole mission it to give new life to surplus assets and it’s fantastic to see it in action all over the world.


“We’re pleased we’ve been able to help Masa out and in turn give dozens of unwanted equipment new homes.”


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