How we’re promoting sustainability in the East of England energy industry!

The energy industry in the East of England is a big deal. So much so that the 'East of England Energy Zone' (EEEZ), an organisation combining Norfolk and Suffolk’s energy industries, is often considered to be 'unrivalled in the UK for its diverse and unique mix of offshore wind, gas, and nuclear energy production.' 

Home to some of the world’s largest offshore windfarms, the ‘dynamic and well-positioned’ region is also regarded as being the UK's 'green energy epicentre' and an integral component in the UK's mission to reduce the damage inflicted on the environment as a result of our energy industry.

Working alongside the EEEZ, the East of England Energy Group (EEEGR) acts as a key voice for the sector; driving innovation and growth, promoting sustainable development and ultimately helping the industry to thrive. Founded in 2001, the EEGR has established itself as the leading force within the industry and is now a group of more than 260 members; including energy producers, supply chain companies or local councils. With this mind, Ramco Ltd are keen to play a part in what will be a big step forward for the nation in its transition towards eco-friendly technologies and sustainable solutions.

Sustainability has always been central to the business's core values and operations and is an issue that we place at the very top of our commercial agenda. After all, this business is all about reusing resources instead of throwing them away. We’ve therefore taken the decision to become a member of the EEEGR, where we’ll be working with organisations within the East of England energy industry to implement sustainable initiatives within their business. We're looking forward to working with members to guide the UK's energy industry towards sustainable practices!

To find out more about the EEEGR or EEEZ, visit their website links below: